"Poupille, a connoisseur's wine, which claims its terroir. Structured, not immediately flattering. And so much the better "  
- Claire Brosse - The Bordeaux wine lover N° 80 

Poupille Atypique

A breath of modernity ... without suffering  !    

With several hectares in Saint-Emilion, 
 two Saint-emilion Grands Crus 
a concentrate of pleasure for the taste buds ..

"Since 1995 POUPILLE has stabilized at a level of quality 
which places it without question among the best wines of the appellation."
 - Benoît de Coster - Bordeaux Alternatif

Château Haut Cardinal

No rififi in the Monasteries the High Cardinal gives the LA ....   

Robin des moines

It is well known that this wine has more than one arrow in its bow !