A family property

Château Poupille is a family estate located in the commune of Sainte Colombe. Jean-Marie Carrille, fifth generation of winegrowers, 
bought it in 1967 and his son Philippe took over in 1988 which marked a radical change for the property. 
Instead of pursuing long studies, Philippe preferred to run around the world for a while, to forge his own taste and touch all sorts of winemaking. 
Back in Poupille, he rethought everything, from the vineyard to the cellar. Amongst other things: A sought-after yield per vine, and not per hectare; 
abandoning systemic treatments; grassing down; harvesting in two stages to reach the right limit of over-ripeness;
 vertical pressing; cold pre-fermentation maceration; indigenous yeasts; Oxo-Line system; ageing in barrels of two wines, 
with several heaters and several French origins, but exclusively Taransaud. 
Philippe Carrille likes modernity, without being too technological. 
He has given up the temptation of garage wine and micro-bubbling,
 "so as not to do anything, or go to extremes, let alone break Poupille's image. " 
built patiently, without aggressive marketing. Today, Poupille is playing in the big league, far from the hype.

An extraordinary epic in JAPAN
A POUPILLE in the Land of the Manga ... 

For Philippe Carrille, the story began when Shu Okimoto, a Japanese cartoonist, 
fell on a bottle of POUPILLE. "She tasted my wine and decided to talk about it in the manga, The Drops of God"
Published for the first time in 2004, the manga sold more than 3.5 million copies in Japan alone. 
 and since then manga lovers have been interested in all vintages.
The mere mention of a single wine in Volume IX, published in 2013, was enough to increase sales of Château Poupille in Japan by 20 to 30%. 
and up to 50% in Taiwan, China and Korea.
But the loyal fans don't stop there, they go on pilgrimages. 
in the Côtes de Castillon where Philippe Carrille invites his guests ....